Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is Realtime Results ?

Answer: We are a small Company who has taken our high performance, realtime data experience and combined it with over 50 years of target shooting experience and coaching, to produce the HoldMaster Analysis package based around the HoldMaster Sensor.

Question: Why can I not find my HoldMaster sensor in the App HoldMaster Scan ?

Answer: If the HoldMaster is used frequently, sometimes the battery power drops quickly and the battery is likely flat. Replace the battery and retry. If there is still an issue, please let us know.

Question: The HoldMaster Sensor count stops in mid-session. Why ?

Answer: It is likely the battery is flat. Replace the battery and retry. If there is still an issue, make sure that you have NOT paired the HoldMaster with your phone.

Question: I uploaded my session but I cannot see it in the list ?

Answer: Check that you used your correct Login name as the shooter, otherwise the file is rejected.

Question: The number of shots fired differ from the number recorded. Why ?

Answer: The shots are identified by statistical means. In some cases, putting the rifle or pistol down can simulate a shot, creating "extra" shots.
In some cases, the detection algorithm is not sensitive enough to identify the shot, so it is missed.
This may be more likely with some electronic triggers that are difficult to detect the trigger release.
If this is occurring frequently with your sessions, please let us know and we can check if the sensitivity needs to be adjusted.

Question: Why doesn't the HoldMaster data match my target or SCATT ?

Answer: The HoldMaster only contains an accelerometer and cannot 'see' the target. While your hold may be perfect, if your aim is not, then the results will differ.

Question: Who will benefit from using a HoldMaster ?

Answer: The HoldMaster is a very useful tool for developing shooters in any discipline, who cannot afford a SCATT training system. A developing pistol shooter will be working on their hold on the target. As their strength and conditioning improves, so should the hold quality data and the time available to take the shot. The data will form a good measure of their progress and can guide them for future development.

Question: Why does it take so long to retrieve session data?

Answer: The data to be retrieved and processed is quite large, particularly for 60-shot matches or more. If your connection speed is slow, the data may take a long to to load onto your device. In some cases, the loading will time out and you will need to reset the page.