HoldMaster updates, fixes and news

Latest Updates and Fixes
July 2021

We have been focusing on improving the shot identification mechanism.
With recent changes, the Apps now support updating more analysis factors and filters.
New versions of both the Android (v2.2.40) and iOS (v2.2.22) apps are now available.

The rail case has now been approved for use on Field Target Air Rifles and Fullbore rifles. Check ou the latest case options.

June 2021

A few issues have been experienced by my testers, customers and resellers, recently. This has resulted in a range of software upgrades to the website and the Apps.
New versions of both the Android (v2.2.38) and iOS (v2.2.21) apps are now available.

Locale decimal number formatting

The most important issue relates to the handling of locale decimal number formatting. Firstly I must apologise to all our international users. I did not appreciate that the number of countries that use a full stop as the decimal number separator is actually very small and that the majority of the World uses a comma as its decimal number separator. This meant that special code was required to handle Comma Separated Values (CSV) properly and to ensure the smartphone data files were not rubbish. Both the Android and iOS Apps have been changed to handle this issue. As it is difficult to test this fully for the number of languages and locales, please let me know if you are still experiencing an problems.

Android 10/11 Permissions

Recently, Android updated their operating system on their latest smartphones to Android 10 and 11. One of the most significant changes related to manging user permissions and required a number of code changes to support the new requirements. A number of permissions are required by the HoldMaster App to connect via Bluetooth to the sensor and receive the data from the sensor via Bluetooth to the smartphone App. This requires both permission to use Bluetooth and Fine Location Access (a new requirement). When you stop collecting data, a file is created and stored on the smartphone. The new requirements mean much tighter control of where these files can be stored and what App can access them. Our software changes should ensure the files will be saved correctly within the App’s storage and are not lost. Note that old files will no longer be accessible with the latest App as the new Apps can no longer access the original file directory. New files can still be uploaded to the website, as required. Once again, you may have a phone/version that we have not tested, so please let us know if you still have any issues.

Shot Identification

Shot identification is an ongoing process. As we have more HoldMaster users, we have better data to help improve the shot identification code. There are a number of parameters that we use to tune the process. These can be updated regularly within the App, without needing a new version of the App. However, we have taken the opportunity to review and improve the code in the App.

Field Target

Field Target is a discipline that is shot outdoors at targets strategically placed in a field or woods. These targets may be at varying heights. The early Apps were only designed to work with fixed height targets, so a new discipline of Field Target has been added to the Apps to cater for the new requirements.

Fullbore Rifle

Another new discipline that has been added is Fullbore Rifle. Functionally, it is similar to Smallbore (KKM) but matches are much shorter. A new case has been designed released to attach the sensor onto an Anschutz/UIT Rail under a Fullbore or Field Target rifle.