HoldMaster Cases

Case Options

There are currently four case styles for the HoldMaster. These are:

  • Dual Case
  • SSS Case (Stainless Steel Strap)
  • Rail Case (for Anschutz/UIT rail)
  • Arca-Swiss Rail Case (under development)

These cases are primarily designed for .177 air rifles and pistols and .22lr target rifles and free pistols.
The rail case is available for Field Target ariguns and also fullbore target rifles (7.62mm/0.308 cal).
A robust Arca-Swiss Rail case is still under design to suit larger calibre firearms.
While it is possible to use the SSS or Rail cases for larger calibres, this option is untested and would void any warranty.

None of the cases are waterproof. The sensor will operate between -4° F (-20° C) and 120°F (50° C).

All cases should be attached as close to the muzzle as practical, for optimal results.

The main consideration is that any case must be securely attached so the sensor will not move during a shooting session.

Every case has the correct orientation marked on it.

If the case is not in the correct orientation, then the data collected will be invalid.

Dual Case

The HoldMaster Dual case is designed to be attached with Velcro straps or using a Velcro tab.
The case can also be attached using a combination of the Velcro straps and a Velcro tab, for the most secure results.

Dual case with Velcro straps and tab
HoldMaster Dual Case
Dual case with Velcro straps and rubber pads
HoldMaster on Rifle
Dual case with Velcro tab
HoldMaster with Velcro Tab
Dual case on rifle with Velcro straps
HoldMaster on Rifle
Dual case on pistol with Velcro tab
HoldMaster on Morini Air Pistol
SSS Case

The HoldMaster SSS case is designed to be attached with a stainless steel strap that is 0.2mm thick.
This ensures that the case can be attached to a weapon with a very small gap between the air cylinder and the barrel, such as the Steyr air pistols.

SSS Case and stainless steel strap
HoldMaster SSS Case
SSS case attached to air pistol
HoldMaster SSS Case on Air Pistol
SSS case attached to air pistol
HoldMaster SSS Case on Air Pistol
Anschutz/UIT Rail Case

The HoldMaster Rail case is designed to be attached to an Anschutz/UIT rail rather than close to the muzzle.
This ensures that the attached case will not upset the barrel harmonics typical for fullbore rifles.
Note that the further the sensor is from the muzzle, the less sensitive the resulting session data.

Rail Case
HoldMaster Rail Case
Rail case from the side
HoldMaster Rail Case from side
Rail case attached to rifle
HoldMaster Rail Case on Rifle