The HoldMaster Battery

Inserting or Replacing the HoldMaster Battery

The HoldMaster is powered by a replaceable 3V Li-Ion coin-style battery.

A new battery should last between 1 - 3 months, depending on the frequency and duration of each session.

The required battery is a CR2032 and is available in most hardware stores and supermarkets.

Sensor Battery

The HoldMaster App will check the battery level on connection. If the App does not find the HoldMaster, it is likely the battery is flat.

If the battery is below 25%, and the session is 60 shots or more, it is advisable to change the battery before the session.

The battery must be inserted with the positive(+) side up.

The HoldMaster accelerometer is inside the case. Look at the side of the case to determine which way to slide the top off the base unit.

It is often easier to carefully push the battery out of its slot with a small screwdriver.

Ensure the battery is fully inserted and then replace the cover.

Open Case
Extracting Battery
Installed Battery