HoldMaster versus SCATT

Comparison of HoldMaster and SCATT

There are number of training devices available to competitive target shooters.

These include:

  • Noptel
  • Trace10
  • MantisX

The HoldMaster is a multi-axis accelerometer that tracks the movement of the firearm.

The HoldMaster does not 'view' a target through any optical sensors, so it can only be used to analyse the quality of your hold, timing and rhythm.

As such the HoldMaster Analysis does not give feedback on aiming or approach to the target and is not designed to replace SCATT, Noptel or Rika Shooter Training Systems. They provide a greater level of analysis of shooter performance.

The HoldMaster does give everyone an easy, low cost method to track your shooting performance all the time, that will complement the optical training systems.

The HoldMaster can be used with any fixed target, including multiple bulls or shapes.

Of these training devices, the SCATT is the best known and most widely used, hence our comparison.

Feature HoldMaster   SCATT Basic   SCATT MX-02S   SCATT MX-W2
Price US$175 US$745 US$1799 US$1899
Weight 15g 29g 26g 56g
Connection  Bluetooth to Smartphone, tablet or computer   USB cable to computer   USB cable to computer   WiFi to computer
Target Distance 1m+ 5-50m 2.5-300m 5-500m
Battery 5hrs, replaceable coin cell  N/A N/A 3hrs, USB rechargeable
Setup Time 30 sec 3 min 3 min 3 min
Analysis Software   Web, Computer, tablet, Smartphone   Computer only Computer only Computer, tablet, Smartphone  
Aimpoint Trace  No Yes Yes Yes
Shot Value No (Shot rating only) Yes Yes Yes
Hold Quality Yes No No No
Cant and Tilt Analysis  Yes No No No
Website Analysis Yes No No No
Cloud Storage of Sessions Yes No No No
HoldMaster Benefits

The real benefits of the HoldMaster include:

  • It is significantly cheaper than any SCATT model
  • It is completely wireless and only needs a smartphone to collect and analyse the data
  • It can be used easily and quickly in virtually any shooting or training situation
  • It provides quick feedback on hold quality, shot timing and rhythm, breathing, cant and tilt and acceleration data trends
  • HoldMaster data can be saved in the cloud and shared with local or remote coaches.